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The benefits of starting a digital art portfolio and archive now

by Katjana Berndt on

Art portfolios and archives help to document, promote, and sell artworks. But it’s painful to arrange physical archives and gather portfolio materials. Digital tools alleviate this burden and offer extensive benefits, including saving precious resources to secure an artist's legacy. 

Digital art portfolios and archives optimize artists’ hard work and increase their chances of success.’s digital archiving and collection features let individuals capture and preserve materials of any kind to present a comprehensive picture of an artist’s life work. Transform these into professional digital portfolios that can be shared privately or found online. 

This guide covers the benefits of creating a digital art portfolio and archive now rather than waiting until a career is complete.  

  • Improve market standing 

  • Inexpensively share a career in progress

  • Evolve content and control narratives 

  • Protect legacy and intellectual property

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