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Creating effortless digital catalogues raisonnés

A digital catalogue raisonné offers an economical alternative that invites attention rather than limits it. Efficiently structure, manage, and publish a digital catalogue raisonné with the platform.

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Collaborate seamlessly

Catalogue raisonné teams can work simultaneously in the platform with user roles and permissions that ensure everyone works within their areas of expertise within the database, the single source of truth. 

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Expedite the editing process

Spelling errors and typos can’t slow you down while preparing your catalogue raisonné thanks to dynamic references, autogenerated text fields, and structured content.

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Reach readers across the globe

Expanding access to an artist's oeuvre has never been easier with the platform's publishing feature. Decide what to publish on a granular level and share your catalogue raisonné with the world in just a few click.

Explore a digital catalogue raisonné: Gauguin Catalogue Raisonné of the Paintings (1891-1903)

Paul Gauguin (1848-1903) painted from Pont-Aven
to Tahiti to Arles. This exhaustive catalogue raisonné
is carefully designed so that each entry
can be read in isolation. However, a system
of cross-references guarantees an interrelated
study and restores the overall trajectory
of Gauguin’s life and work.

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