Previewing public artwork information

The platform assists you keeping up with quality assurance by highlighting inconsistencies between internal and public information of a record.

While preparing an artwork entry for publishing, you are in control over exactly which details will be made visible and which are for internal eyes only. Once you hit the publish button for an artwork, only those details that are in the correct visibility status will be part of the public record. To preview the public presentation of the catalogued details, you can use our features to to easily switch between public and internal rendering or have the specific discrepancies highlighted to you for each provenance, exhibition or publication event. Finally, you can also create artwork reports that either include a complete record or only the information marked as public.

Art event list: switching between the internal and public rendering

In the top section of the Provenance, Exhibitions, Publications list you can can find the Public Rendering toggle. Using this toggle you can identify art events, whose internal display in within the platform differs from their public version. 

Public rendering toggle is off

When the toggle is inactive, you can see the complete list of art events. The light blue private icon (crossed-out eye) indicates which art events are currently set to the visibility status private

Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-23 um 16.39.22

Public Rendering toggle is on:

When the toggle is activated, the list of events is reduced to show only those entries which have the visibility status public. A red attention icon (exclamation mark) indicates that the public display of the event differs from the internal one. The main reason for that is the visibility status of related entry like agent selections, auctions, publications or exhibitions. If such a related entry is still in the visibility status private, it can't be included in the public rendering.

Art event details: review discrepancies between internal and public rendering

Now you can take a closer look at the highlighted art events to see what exactly is causing the discrepancy. In the overlay dialog two boxes are displayed at the top:

  • Internal rendering: Displays the art event as it is displayed within the system. The elements that are different from the public display, will be highlighted in light blue.
  • Public rendering: Displays the art event as it will be displayed in the published version and public reports.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-23 um 14.28.26

A discrepancy is not necessarily cause for alarm! In the example shown above one of the agents has been marked as a private collection. This setting in the agent selection will hide the name of the agent from the public rendering and instead replaces it with "Private Collection". Internally you are able to see the name still, so in this case the difference between internal and public rendering is intentional and there's no need to change anything.

Create public & full artwork reports

Another way to preview the public version is to create a Public Artwork Report. On each artwork page there is a menu at the top right corner to choose between two types of standardized reports: Full Artwork Report & Public Artwork Report. Select Public Artwork Report, then click Create Report to download a report including all the information in visibility status public as either a PDF or Word-document. If you choose Full Artwork Report instead, you can download a report that shows all of the entered information, no matter which visibility status.

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Any further questions on the public display or the visibilty of your artwork related events? Our Support Team is happy to help! Please reach out to us with your questions via email to or use our form to contact support