How to create subresources

Organize your archive by creating subresources. This tutorial shows you how you can build a structure to digitize documents or upload files


1. Open the archive resource you wish to edit.

This could be a collection, series or file. Search for the resource you need on the archive overview.

2. Click on the + Add subresource button.

3. Click on Level of Description and...

4. ... select a Level of Description from the drop down menu.

5. Type in the title of your subresource.

Optional: you can also create multiple subreasources at once by clicking +Add additional subresource

6. Click on the Save button to create the new subresource

7. Your new subresource has been created!

You can see the newly created subresource in the navigation on the left. Select the subresource to start adding further details to the new entry

8. Continue building your archive with more subresources

To add subresources below your new entry, select the resource first and then repeat the procedure as listed above.