How to consolidate agents from the list view

As you are searching in your agents list, you might stumble across duplicate entries that need to be consolidated. With "Consolidate Agents" button you can take care of these cases and improve your data quality.

As we have written before, whenever there are same agents repeated, ideally you have already marked them either as Master or Duplicate. Whether that is the case or not, by reviewing the Agents, you can already identify which names are repeated from the list view. When this is the case, there is the option to Consolidate Agents from the list view which will make it easier for you to perform the clean up as you are going through the agents list.

1. Identify the repeated agents

When you review the listed agents, you may find agents that are repeated. When that is the case you will see one after the other, and you will also see their ID listed

Identify the repeated agents

2. Click on Consolidate Agents

On the upper right side, on the left of the Create Agent button, you will see a new button: Consolidate Agents.

Once you have identifies the agents you want to merge, you just click on this button

Click on Consolidate Agents

3. Click on Duplicate Agent ID

Upon clicking the Consolidate Agents button, the overlay opens and you will see 2 fields to enter the IDs of the Duplicate and the Master Agents respectively

On the background you can still see the IDs of such agents for you to enter them.

Click on Duplicate Agent ID

4. Enter the Duplicate Agent ID

Enter the Duplicate Agent ID

5. Enter the Master Agent ID

Enter the Master Agent ID

6. Click enter

Click enter

7. Select your preferred data

Once you click on enter, the data coming from each agent will be displayed in the respective columns. Choose which data you want to keep for the new master record and click Save. You can read a more detailed description of the selection process can be found in steps 7 to 17.

Data filled in

8. Consolidation completed

Whether you have opted to delete or not delete the Duplicate Agent, the consolidation takes place, the data is merged and you will get your super Master Agent.

Delete or not delete the Agent