How to create an agent

Agents are important components of the platform and essential for entering your data. They are used in all contexts and provide a way to signal involved people and corporate bodies.

  1. In the section Agents, click on + Create Agent on the top right.
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  2. A dialogue opens where the agent’s main information can be captured: main name, type and optionally a description for additional information and gender. If your agent has a Getty ULAN entry, you can select it from the drop-down menu that opens by typing in the agent’s name. The additional information will be imported from the Getty ULAN and inserted automatically.
    If there is no Getty ULAN entry for your agent, enter the information manually. Confirm with Save.
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    You can choose between four agent types:

    Person: a single person such as a collector, author, or publisher

    Family: a pair or group of people belonging to the same family functioning as a single agent, such as a family of collectors

    Corporate Body: an organization or group of persons that is identified by a particular name, such as institutions like museums, galleries, or publishing companies

    Unknown: choose this option if you have no information about the agent’s nature.

  3. The entry is created. You have the option to document additional names. To do this, click + Add in the Additional names field. A dialogue opens where you can enter the additional name and corresponding details.
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  4. To add an address to the agent’s entry, click + Add in the Address field. A dialogue opens. Enter the required information (Place/City) and further information if at hand, e.g., the address, ZIP code and a replacement name if you wish the address to be displayed differently. By checking the box Mark as primary, you set this address as the agent’s main address.
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You can add as many names and addresses as necessary to the agent entry. 

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