How to record an unknown private collection

You might lack information about the current or a previous owner of an artwork. This article shows how to create a provenance entry that includes an unknown person or institution.

1. Create an agent with the designation "unknown.” Open the agent section and create a new agent by clicking “+ Create Agent.”  

2. Type "unknown" in the name field and select "unknown" from the drop down menu.

The remaining fields will automatically be filled in when you select the agent entry associated with the Getty ULAN. The link to the Getty ULAN is indicated by the note below the name field. You can also enter the corresponding ULAN ID 500125274 instead of the name unknown. You can find this ID on the corresponding page of the Getty ULAN vocabulary

3. Click “Save to create the agent.  

You will now be redirected to the agent's entry, where you can enter further information. As type you can select unknown from the drop down menu if you have no other information. 

4. Open the artwork entry to which you want to add the provenance. 
5. Click on “Add” and selectIn possession.” 


6. A new dialog window will open where further information can be entered. Add a receiver by clicking “+ Add.” 

7. After clicking “+Add,” a new dialog will open where you can select the unknown agent you created before. 

8. Continue entering information after you select the recipient. Click on the private collection field. Click “Save to save your changes and close the dialog window. 

You will now see the agent displayed in the provenance section of the artwork entry as follows:

Check out How to add a provenance with to learn more about the provenance entry.