Managing indexing terms

This article provides an overview of indexing terms and how you can use and manage them.

Indexing terms are used to mark entries on the platform. They can be added to artworks, publications, and archival resources to increase an entry's findability. The fields to add indexing terms to the entries are Genres and Subjects. Genres refer to the object’s physical form or the quality of the material while the subjects refer to its content or topic. For an artwork, the genre could be oil painting and the subject trees or forests

Only pre-existing indexing terms can be added to an entry. Find these terms in the section Master Data. In this list view you can create new indexing terms and delete existing ones. 

Create an indexing term by clicking + Create Indexing Term.


The platform is connected to the Art & Architecture Thesaurus of The Getty Research Institute (Getty AAT), which provides a vocabulary of standardized terms that can be imported to the platform. Link the corresponding Getty AAT entry to an indexing term by selecting from the drop-down menu which appears when you enter the name or parts of the name.


Alternatively, enter the term’s Getty AAT ID in the name field and select the term. 


The description will be imported automatically from the Getty AAT. Click Save to add the indexing term.

Indexing terms imported from the Getty AAT can’t be edited. 


To create an indexing term that is not connected to the AAT, do not select from the drop-down menu. Instead, type in the name and description manually and click Save.

Unlike the indexing terms imported from the Getty AAT, it is possible to create duplicate indexing terms entered manually.

Use the filters at the top to search for indexing terms. The filters Name, ID, Getty AAT ID are displayed by default. Add the filter Descriptions by clicking + next to the displayed filters.


Delete an indexing term by clicking the respective bin icon. Only indexing terms that are not connected to an entry can be removed.


To add indexing terms to the entry, go to its edit view. Go to the fields Genres and Subjects. Type in a term and select it from the suggestions in the drop-down menu. You can add any number of terms.


Don’t add people through the indexing terms. Add people in the section Agents and assign their specific roles, e.g., people pictured in portraits can be added as models.