How to add an exhibition event

Let's have a look at how you can capture details about an exhibitions and its traveling venues.

Step 1 - Select an exhibition

As a first step, you need to choose from the already existing exhibition entries or create a new one. Existing exhibitions can be searched for by using various search filters, such as title, venue or venue city.

Step 2 - Fill in publication related details

Once the exhibition was selected, additional details can be added such as the exhibition catalogue number or a URL to an external source. It can furthermore be indicated if it is unclear whether the artwork was actually part of the exhibition. In that case, you can activate the “possibly” toggle, which will display a question mark next to the finished exhibition event.

Step 3 - Add text references and reproductions

Most importantly, details about text references and reproductions can be linked to individual pages of the scanned exhibition catalogue. You add any references separately and they will automatically be consolidated in the final display of the exhibition event. For each text reference the page number can be added. For reproductions, additional details like the appearance type (e.g. b/w, colour), the imaging technology, as well as the number type can be added. Optionally there is a comment field for special cases.

Step 4 - Add venue details

For each of the venues, you can select whether the artwork was shown at that location. Additional information about travelling venues, like references from a different catalogue or specific artwork details can be captured later via the exhibition event list.

Step 5 - Add agents related details

Now is the time to capture information about any relevant agents. For example, if a collector was the lender of the artwork for this exhibition, you can add this information by selecting the collector as an agent and assigning the role “lender”.

Step 6 - Alternative artwork details

If the artwork showed alternate details in the context of the exhibition, such as an alternate title or alternate creation year, these can also be captured. For this, select the information that you would like to add and save relevant details along the exhibition event.

Step 7 - Notes and Media

Finally, if any notes or archival resources should be added to the exhibition event, such as installation details or shots, you can capture them via the respective notes or media sections. Connecting resources and media to your exhibition entry allows linking the information directly to a primary source or other related material. Notes give you the opportunity to explain any circumstances further, or add internal comments for documentation.

Success! You have successfully created a publication event.