What is an artwork dossier?

Every artwork entry is automatically assigned a dossier. The dossier is a place for the essential files and images for the artwork.

Every artwork has a Dossier, which is automatically created and attached when you create the artwork. It is an archival resource that is inseparably linked to the artwork and as such it is findable in the archive. You can switch to the archive view to see an overview of all your artwork dossiers.
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Functioning as an archival resource to the artwork, the Dossier contains media related to it. All the media of importance to the artwork should be uploaded to the dossier, that means first and foremost image(s) of the artwork which may also include images of the back or detail views. Additional media such as primary resources proving the provenance, e.g. letters, can be uploaded to the artwork dossier as well. 

Note that media like scanned pages from an article mentioning the artwork should not be uploaded to the dossier. Instead we recommend organizing such material within the archive and linking it with the respective entries, for example a publication or exhibition. When you later link the artwork with the publication of the exhibition, you can refer to the related image in this context and even connect an artwork to a media.