What technologies are you using to develop Navigating.art?

Let us have a look at the tech stack behind Navigating.art in detail.

We separated our tech stack into four categories. The technologies used for our core development activities can be found in the first category, i.e. Application and Data. The second category, DevOps focuses on running and maintaining our solutions. The third category, Utilities help us to understand our target audiences and users better. Finally, the fourth category, Business Tools, enables us to manage our internal processes and work effectively as a team.

Application and Data

For both our frontend and backend development, we rely on TypeScript-based technologies. Our frontend development relies on Angular and our backend development on Node.js (NestJS). For API description and frontend/backend integration, we use Swagger. Combined with several AWS services, such as Fargate, Lambda, API-Gateway and S3, our solutions are continuously improved and extended.








Managing several repositories, deployments to various environments and managing client data is an interesting, responsible and sometimes challenging task. We rely on several services for this, from Bitbucket for source code management and software delivery, Terraform for provisioning, SonarCloud for source code quality and Sentry, PagerDuty for incident response management - among others.



For us to be able to analyze our web traffic and organic search results, we are relying on Google's powerful tools such as Google Analytics and the Google Search console.

Business Tools

Being a (semi-)remote company, we love to collaborate virtually from anywhere any time. For this, we strongly believe in simple communication tools (such as Slack), Scrum management tools (such as Jira) and knowledge sharing (via Confluence).

All of our CRM and marketing is done via Hubspot, allowing us to get a full picture of all leads and clients any time.

You can also find our tech stack on Stackshare.io along more information about our technology design decisions.

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