The benefits of starting a digital art portfolio and archive

Here’s why anyone thinking about creating a digital art portfolio and archive should start one today.

Starting a digital art portfolio and archive now offers numerous financial and future benefits for artists, and it forms the foundation of a future digital catalogue raisonné. The platform simplifies the process, making it accessible to a wide range of users without the need for extensive technical expertise. 

Key advantages of digital portfolios and archives include:

Improved market standing by increasing visibility and accessibility

Publish to connect with buyers and markets across the globe

Integrate ecommerce tools to ease the purchase process 

Evolve online presence over time to remain representative

Protect the legacy and intellectual property of artists

A sustainable and cost-effective way to grow an artist’s career

Explore solutions for digital catalogues raisonnés

From project management to gathering research to online publication, the platform has you and your team covered.