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Compiling a digital catalogue raisonné often requires significant time, resources, and attention. But it doesn’t need to.

Digital catalogues raisonnés offer a more cost-effective and accessible alternative to traditional print publications. Individual researchers can create, edit, and release digital catalogs at a fraction of the cost of their printed counterparts, with the flexibility to make updates at any time.'s platform streamlines the process of producing, structuring, and publishing digital catalogue raisonnés, and their expert team provides guidance to simplify the process further. This shift to digital formats not only reduces costs but also opens up these valuable resources to a broader audience, aligning more closely with the original goals of preserving an artist's legacy and fostering public awareness.

This guide covers the five phases of creating and publishing a digital catalogue raisonné, regardless of what digital tools you and your team uses.

Five phases to develop and publish a digital catalogue raisonné:

Organizing people, technology, and finances

Data discovery and initial entry for digital catalogue raisonné

Researching for your digital catalogue raisonné

Securing rights to share your digital catalogue raisonné

Publishing your project and everything that comes next

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