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An all-in-one platform to store digital resources, manage information, and publish collections online 

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Link data in any format
Keep track of important information without the hassle. Link records, digitized archival material, and external publications to provide visitors and researchers with deeper and quicker access to evidence and primary sources.

Get more done faster
Spend less time switching between digital tools. The online interface allows users to seamlessly access historical and administrative information about their collections and archives from the same window. 

Click to publish
No need to enter the same information in multiple places. Choose what internal information to publish online at a granular level and click publish when you're ready to share it with the world.  

Automate text analysis and enrichment

Turn books, documents, and photographs into searchable data sources — no manual entry required.

Uploaded images are scanned for identifiable content, such as boats, trees, and people. Searching for depictions of dogs has never been easier. 

All identifications are displayed with descriptive visual labels. Add additional meta information to files and navigate through all resources via entities and visual knowledge graphs.

The platform identifies entities in handwritten and typed text, such as the painter Seurat and the city of Chicago, which users can search for in their preferred languages. 


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