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Expedite the creation and publication of digital catalogues raisonnés


€249 / month (starting price)

Ideal for an individual working on the catalogue raisonné of a single artists.

  • 1 collection area with 200 pieces of media and 100 artworks by 1 artist
  • Website display and API access for easy online publication
  • Unlimited support tickets with response in 72 hours or less
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€499 / month (starting price)

Ideal for estates and institutions working on a comprehensive catalogue raisonné.

  • Unlimited collection areas with an unlimited number of media by one artist within 250GB of storage
  • Website display and API access for easy online publication
  • Unlimited support tickets with response in 24 hours or less
  • One-day onboarding workshop and eight additional hours of call support per year
  • Organization features including SSO, custom reports, and audit log
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Yes, absolutely. You can complete the transfer of data on your own using a migration kit or hire the team at to complete it for you. 

Yes, the subscription price includes all maintenance and functional updates, which are completed automatically by We release updates to the platform every two weeks, along with an explanation of the updates visible in the help center.

Light plans contain no minimum subscription length. Premium plans may have a minimum subscription length. However, your data always belongs to you, and it will be safely transferred to you if you choose to migrate away from knows the importance of information about art and has designed its platform to protect it in several ways. 

  • For identity management, we use market-leading standard services, which are HIPAA eligible and PCI DSS, SOC, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27017, ISO/IEC 27018, and ISO 9001 compliant.
  • The platform provides login options like multi-factor authentication via email and telephone.
  • We implement server request throttling to prevent various web-service attacks like DDoS.
  • Any active server components like databases or web-servers are located in so-called virtual private networks, which are shielded from internet access through elaborate network security rules and firewalls.
  • Communication between client devices and server is end-to-end encrypted to provide the highest possible level of security and privacy.
  • We conduct regular external security audits whenever there are significant adaptations of security related infrastructure components.

Yes. You have complete control over what, if anything, is published online. It’s possible to make information public and return it to private mode on a granular level.

The authors of the information entered on own the information. The author of any information published is fully responsible for its implications. has no ownership or other claim with respect to the information added to the platform. is only responsible for running and maintaining the platform. 

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