How to create an exhibition record

Exhibition entries can be linked to artworks to fully display their exhibition history. Therefore, let's have a look at how to create an exhibition record with


1. Go to the section Exhibitions in the top menu and click on Create Exhibition in the top right corner. 

Click on Create Exhibition

2. An overlay will open. Type in the exhibition's title in the field Original title *.

Type "The Moon in northern Paintings"

3. Click on Save to create the exhibition record.

Click on Save

4. After clicking on Save, the exhibition record is created and displayed. You now have the option to add additional information such as Exhibition type or other titles. 

Click on Exhibition type…

5. Further down you will find a section called Venues. Click on + Add to add an exhibition venue. 

Click on addAdd

6. An overlay will open in order to choose the exhibiting agent, e.g. a corporate body or a person. Select the Agent you want to add and then click on Save.

Click on Select

7. After selecting the exhibitor, you have the possibility to choose an alternative name or address connected to the exhibiting Agent. Click on Save to continue.

Click on Save

8. Enter the exhibition date in the designated field and click on the arrow to directly convert it to EDTF. The data is saved automatically. Click on Close in the bottom right corner to close the overlay. If the exhibition travelled to other venues, you can easily add those by repeating these steps you just executed.  

Click on highlight

9. Next to the Venues you will find the field Agents. Here you can add additional agents such as curators etc. by clicking an + Add

Click on addAdd

10. As a last step you can add an Exhibition Catalogue by clicking on + Add Catalogue and then selecting an already existing publication or creating a new one. 

Click on addAdd Catalogue


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