How to document a non-existing signature of an artwork 

It is possible to record the fact that an artwork does not have a signature, inscription, or other identifiable marker. This article shows you how to do so.

There are two ways to record a missing inscription. You can 

  1. either enter this information as a separate note that is not visible in the public display or 
  2. add this info in the field provided for signatures.

1. Add the information as a note within the tombstone artwork details.

Click on any of the View Event buttons in the Artwork details section to open a new overlay where more information can then be entered. 

In the overlay, you will find the Notes section, where you can add information by clicking on the +Add button

Type in the information and the note type you wish to add and confirm with Save

2. Add the information to the Signatures, Inscriptions, & Markings field.

At the very button of the Artwork details section, you will find the Signatures, Inscriptions, & Markings field.  

  1. Click “+ Add” to open the dialog where you enter this inscription information.

  1. Select “unset” from the type dropdown menu.
  2. Type “unsigned” in the transaction text field.
  3. Enter “not applicable” to the location details field and the additional location details field. 
  4. Activate the corresponding toggle if you’d like the inscription information to be displayed within the tombstone information. The inscription information will then be displayed as “unsigned” in the artwork details section.   
  5. Click “Save.”

Check out How to add Signatures, Inscriptions, and Markings and How to record Signatures, Inscriptions, and Markings via art events to learn more about the Signature, Inscriptions and Markings entry.