How to move media between resources

The archive is for you to store your media in a structured way from the beginning on. Sometimes though it becomes necessary to move media from one resource to another for various reasons. allows you to do this with a simple workflow.

If you already uploaded media to your archive, you have the option to move that media between the archive resources. This is how it works: 

1. Go to the media section of the resource you want to move the media to. Click on Add +.

Click on Addarrow_drop_down

2. You have two options now. To add media, which was already uploaded to another resource, click on Add media.

Click on Add media

3. Select the resource from which you want to move the media.

Select "on"

4. Confirm your choice by clicking on Select.

Click on Select

5. Now the media connected to the resource you just selected will be displayed. Next, select the media you want to move between the resources.

Click on highlight

6. Click on Select to confirm your choice.

Click on Select


7. Now the media is displayed within the Media section of your destination resource. 


Note that moving media between resources will remove it from the original resource. The media is now visible only in the resource you moved it to.


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