How to search an artwork

If you want to search for an artwork, filters are a great help you find what you're looking for. That's why we provide various search filters in the database. Here you can learn how to use them.

How to use filters

  1. Select the Artworks section to see all the artworks from your database in a list view. In the upper row you will find various search filters, such as Artist and Creation date. With the help of these you can search for the corresponding criteria by entering, for example, the name of the artist or the creation date of an artwork and confirming with Enter on your keyboard. Right to these search fields there is a button with a + sign. By clicking on the + symbol a drop down menu opens, from which you can select further search filters to be added to the search field.  

  2. Search fields can also be hidden by clicking on the X icon in the search field.

  3. By adding further search filters such as title, medium and many more, the search can be narrowed dow. The added filter will then appear as a new search field. Now you can search for a work by entering the title etc. After confirming with Enter, the search results appear in the result list below the search fields. 

How to sort the result list

  1. Above the result list you can find categories like thumbnail, ID, artist, title and many more. All these categories are displayed in the result list. 

  2. By clicking on one of these categories, the results can be filtered accordingly. For example, if the year of creation is selected, the results will be sorted by their year of creation. By clicking on Creation date again, the sorting will be reversed. Thus, the results can be sorted according to the oldest or most recent creation date. 

How to add a category to the result list

  1. Additional categories for the results list can be added by clicking the icon with the three dots on the far right side of the category row. This opens a drop down menu from which further categories can be selected

  2. By placing check marks in the desired fields and then clicking Save, the desired categories will be included in the result list. 


It's easy to improve your search for an artwork by filtering for certain identifiers, isn't it? Keep on track of all the different identifiers available for artworks on  the platform with this overview!