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Discover how organizations have applied our platform to protect and present invaluable cultural history for free to a global audience.  

Digital catalogues raisonnés and collections running on

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Claude Monet PD NA New

Claude Monet: The Revised Catalogue Raisonné; The Pastels

Using the platform, the Wildenstein Plattner Institute (WPI) publishes new research on 110 Monet works. This is the first installment of a complete revision of Daniel Wildenstein’s Monet catalogue raisonné.

© Claude Monet, Waterloo Bridge, 1900 or 1901, Pastel on paper, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., acquired from Mr. and Mrs. James T. Dyke (2013)

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Akseli Gallen Kallela PD NA NEW

Akseli Gallen-Kallela catalogue raisonné project

This project is based on the index of Gallen-Kallela’s works assembled by the artist’s granddaughter, Aivi Gallen-Kallela-Sirén, and has been checked and augmented by research conducted by Irene Riihimäki. This online publication presents 300 paintings by Akseli Gallen-Kallela held in public collections. As further research is completed, additional works will be listed.

© Akseli Gallen-Kallela, View from the Wilds, 1898-1899, oil on canvas, Hiekka Art Museum.

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"I have only great things to say about We started on another platform and switched mid-project, which can be complicated. I was impressed with’s initial presentation, where several team members did a step-by-step presentation of the platform, helping me to understand it quickly. Throughout the process, the team was right there and made adjustments efficiently. It’s that willingness to work with the client that makes a difference because every one of these projects has quirks. That’s been fantastic. It was a very positive experience right on through. We couldn’t be happier with how our catalogue raisonné turned out."

Robert Mattison Director & Author, Franz Kline Paintings 1950 – 1962

Eva Hesse PD NA

Eva Hesse Drawings

The Eva Hesse Drawings catalogue raisonné features 1,125 works on paper created by Eva Hesse between 1952 and her death in 1970. Research for this project was conducted in cooperation with the Estate of Eva Hesse and Museum Wiesbaden, and it was produced as a freely available digital resource under the auspices of Hauser & Wirth Institute.

No Title, 1957. © The Estate of Eva Hesse. Courtesy Hauser & Wirth.

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Franz Kline OS PD NA

Franz Kline Paintings, 1950–1962

Franz Kline Paintings, 1950–1962 presents 257 oil paintings created by Franz Kline between his first solo exhibition in 1950 and his death in 1962. Research for this project was conducted in cooperation with the Estate of Franz Kline and under the auspices of Hauser & Wirth Institute.

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Explore upcoming events that highlight the meticulous research and dedication behind catalogues raisonnés. These events allow you to explore the life and works of celebrated artists and gain insights into the careful process of cataloging. 

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Gauguin OS PD NA BW

Gauguin: Catalogue Raisonné of the Paintings 1891–1903

This publication presents the 223 paintings completed by Paul Gauguin between his arrival in Tahiti in 1891 and his death in 1903. It is the continuation of the scholarly project commenced by Daniel Wildenstein, whose first two volumes of the catalogue raisonné were published by the Wildenstein Institute in print in 2002 and can be accessed on the The Wildenstein Plattner Institute’s website.

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Tom Wesselmann OS PD NA

Tom Wesselmann Digital Corpus

The Tom Wesselmann Digital Corpus is a searchable database of works recorded by the Estate of the Artist that incorporates The Wildenstein Plattner Institute’s ongoing research for the forthcoming Tom Wesselmann Digital Catalogue Raisonné. At present, the Digital Corpus contains two sections. Unique Artworks features works of art referred to by Tom Wesselmann as "unique major works" and "oil studies." Prints & Multiples features works by the artist that he recorded as such.

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Sales catalogues OS PD NA

Auction & Sales Catalogues

The Wildenstein Plattner Institute continually augments the Sales Catalogues Database and seeks to make its contents more accessible to the public. Over the next year, it will release an additional 2,000 sales catalogues from around the world. Our cataloguing specialists are creating bibliographic records of the collection using OCLC Connexion, so that the sales catalogues can be accessed through WorldCat. Ultimately, the Sales Catalogue Database will feature 30,000 sales catalogues and include full cataloguing information, making it a robust tool for provenance research.

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