How to use the artwork grid view

In the artwork section you can choose between two different modes for the artwork overview. Learn here how to switch between the views.

In the Artworks section in the platform you see an overview of the artworks in the table view, showing the artworks’ thumbnails and additional information. 


To change from the table view to the grid view, click the respective button at the top of the list. 


In the grid view, the thumbnails of the artworks are arranged next to and below each other. This way, the artworks’ preview images are bigger and easier to identify.


Hover over the preview image to see the artwork’s additional information. 


Switch to the table view to activate filters and sort your results. Switch back to the grid view. The filters and the sorting you applied in the table view are still active in the grid view. 

Click on the preview image to open the artwork’s detail page.