Creating an agent

The platform uses agents in archive, catalogue, and publication entries as a way to connect people and corporate bodies to resources and works of art. In this article, you learn how to create agents on the platform.

On the, agents can represent persons, corporate bodies such as museums or institutions, and other parties relevant for documentation. You can use them in various contexts and assign specific roles to them. For example, you can link a curator or an institution to an exhibition, an author to a publication, or an auction house to an auction.

There are two ways to create agents: You can create them manually or import them from the Getty Union List of Artist Names (ULAN). To learn how to import an agent, follow the tutorial about importing agents from the Getty ULAN. Creating agents manually is only necessary in case you can't find the relevant record in the Getty ULAN or prefer to create your own custom agent.

 The following  tutorial explains how to manually create a custom agent entry:

1. Click + Create Agent

On the agent overview view page, find the button + Create Agent in the top right corner.

Click + Create Agent

2. Select Create agent

A dialog opens. You can choose between importing or creating an agent. Click create agent tab.

Select Create agent

3. Select an agent type

Click in the field type and select a type from the drop down options. If you are unsure which type to choose, you can select the option Unknown.

Select an agent type

4. Add the agent's main name

The main name is the primary name and is displayed for the agent’s entry. After creating an agent, you can add additional names for them. When linking an agent in a specific reference, you can choose to display either their main or any additional name. 

Add the agent's main name

5. Confirm with Save

Confirm with Save

6. Add additional information

Once you have created the agent, the new detail page opens. Here you can add additional information, such as descriptive information about the agent and place of birth and death if the agent is a person.

Add additional information

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Last updated: September 12, 2023