Importing an agent from the Getty ULAN

Integrating information from an authoritative source improves the quality of your data. The platform supports this by allowing to import records from the Getty Union List of Artist Names, which also speeds up the data entry process.

Agents are an important section on the platform, which allows you to connect persons, institutions, or other organisations to other entries in the system such as archival resources, publications or artworks. Importing agents from the Getty Union List of Artist Names (ULAN) provides a fast and error-free method of creating agents. The information is automatically transferred from the ULAN database to your platform and no manual entry is required.

The Getty ULAN (Union List of Artist Names) is a structured vocabulary maintained by the Getty Research Institute and aimed at facilitating art historical research and cataloguing. It contains information about artists, architects, and other creators, along with their associated biographical and bibliographic details. In case you can't find the relevant record in the Getty ULAN or prefer to create your own custom agent, follow the tutorial about creating agents. 

To import an agent record from the Getty ULAN, follow these steps:

1. Click + Create Agent

On the agent overview page, find the button + Create agent in the top right corner.

Click + Create Agent

2. Begin the import process

A dialog opens. You can either import an agent or create one. The option to import an agent is automatically selected.

Begin the import process

3. Look up the ULAN ID

To import an agent from the Getty ULAN, you need the corresponding ID. If you don't have it at hand, look it up by following the link.

Look up the ULAN ID

4. Search the agent in the ULAN database

Search the agent in the ULAN database

5. Copy the ULAN ID

Copy the ULAN ID

6. Add the ULAN ID to the corresponding field in the creation dialog.

When you enter the ID, you see a preview of the agent's name and type for verification. Additionally, a link to the ULAN entry becomes available for checking the ID. In case the ID is incorrect, you can clear the field and enter a new ID.

Add the ULAN ID to the corresponding field in the creation dialog.

7. Confirm with Save

Confirm with Save

8. Review the imported data

All the imported information is available on the agent's detail page. A link to the Getty ULAN allows you to revisit the source of the information.

Review the imported data

9. Add additional details

Additional details available in the Getty ULAN entry are imported to this section. You can expand this section with more information, such as association with an artistic school or occupation.

Add additional details

Keep reading:

  • If you are starting from the beginning, check out the article about What are agents

  • In case the Getty ULAN does not include the name you are looking for, you can create your own custom agent, following the tutorial about creating agents.

  • Make sure to check your list of agents before creating new entries! If you come across duplicate entries created by accident, you can easily merge them as shown in the tutorial about consolidating duplicate agents.

Last updated: September 12, 2023