Creating geographic locations

Enhance your artwork and agent entries by connecting them to geographic locations. Learn how to create location entries on the platform to maintain and customize the data most relevant for your project.

There are two ways to create geographic locations: you can create them manually or import them from the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names (TGN). This tutorial explains how to manually create geographic locations. Alternatively, you can import geographic locations from TGN, as described in the tutorial about importing geographic locations from the TGN.

To create a new custom geographic location entry follow these steps:

1. Click + Create Geographic Locations

In the Master Data section, find geographic locations in the sub-menu. The button Create geographic locations is located in the top right corner.

Click + Create Geographic Locations

2. Select create geographic location

A dialog opens. You can either import a geographic location or create one. Click create geographic location.

Select create geographic location

3. Select a type

Click in the field type and select one of the options from the drop down menu.

Select a type

4. Fill out the mandatory fields

The fields relevant for the selected location type appear. Depending on the type, you may see more or fewer fields. Providing as many details as possible will help with the findability of locations later on.

Fill out the mandatory fields

5. Confirm with Save

By clicking Save, you confirm the creation of the geographic location and will be forwarded to the detail page of the new location entry.

Confirm with Save

6. Add more information

Once you have created the geographic location, you are directed to the detail page. Here, you can enter further information, such as a description. The section for additional details allows entering coordinates and other features.

Add more information

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Last updated: September 12, 2023