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"The platform has an enormous advantage because it creates a living document; you can grow and change your completed catalogue raisonné as needed. […] We feel that’s background, support, and team ensure the longevity of our project as it grows and changes."

Robert Mattison Director of the Franz Kline Paintings, 1950–1962

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Manage and publish from one platform

Storing and publishing digitized versions of your archive and catalogue within one platform ensures information reaches readers seamlessly. 

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Use intelligent search capabilities

Spend looking for the right resource. Structured data and multilanguage search help readers and researchers quickly find what they need. 

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Encourage collaboration

Teams can work simultaneously in the platform with user roles and permissions that ensure everyone works within their areas of expertise.

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Quickly document and edit

Spelling errors and typos aren’t a problem thanks to dynamic references, autogenerated text fields, and structured content. 

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Update continuously, even after publication

Digital catalogues raisonnés enable teams to keep their publications accurate and up-to-date with new discoveries. 

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Reach readers across the globe

Expanding access to an artist's oeuvre has never been easier with the platform's one-click publishing feature. 


Paul Gauguin (1848-1903) painted from Pont-Aven
to Tahiti to Arles. This exhaustive catalogue raisonné
is carefully designed so that each entry
can be read in isolation. However, a system
of cross-references guarantees an interrelated
study and restores the overall trajectory
of Gauguin’s life and work.


Together, we can protect and promote cultural heritage.

Contact us to explore options for working together on archival and catalogue raisonné projects. 

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