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Release Notes

Keep track of all new features and improvements for the Navigating.art platform.

September 2023


  • Book icon

On the artwork detail page, two different book icons are now available. 

a. Empty pamphlet icon: Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 17.08.19
This icon signifies that the reference is connected to a publication for which scans are available.

b. Filled-in pamphlet icon:Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 17.08.27
This icon indicates that the artwork is linked to scans of a publication.

  • Public display: Order of included artworks
    • The included artworks are now sorted in ascending order based on their sequence numbers. In cases where no sequence number is available, they are arranged by their creation dates in ascending order.

August 2023


  • Improved database performance

Public display:

  • Improved integration of Google Analytics. With this enhancement, you can gain valuable insights into how visitors interact with your public website, including the pages they visit, the actions they take, and the overall engagement levels.


  • Agent improvements:
    • Separated flows to create or import new agents
    • Optimized process for importing entries from Getty ULAN that allows reviewing source data for more reliability
    • More focused detail page that highlight only relevant fields for the selected agent type
  • Geographic locations improvements:
    • Separated flow to create or import new locations
    • Optimized process for importing entries from Getty TGN that allows reviewing source data for more reliability
    • More focused detail page that highlight only relevant fields for the selected location type
    • Improved search view for better findability

Public display:

  • Improved performance of the sales catalogues full-text search
  • Bugfix: Loading issue of the archive scope and content have been resolved


  • Bug fix: display issues for notes have been resolved

July 2023


  • Provenance:
    • When there are multiple owners mentioned as sources in a subsequent provenance event, the line that repeats all the names is automatically left out to prevent unnecessary repetition.
  • Public display:
    • Related archival resources: The media selected for an archival relation is highlighted to public users when they click on a related resource link.
    • Artwork navigation: the navigation between previous and next results has been improved to always show the expected result in any direction
  • Bug fix:
    • Loading issues for artworks with an extensive number of publication events have been resolved.


  • Provenance:
    • The transaction type "location unknown" was switched from possession to ownership event to render without and indentation
    • The transaction type "sale" render the added sub-agents
  • Public display:
    • Artworks search: a new filter for a work's creation place is available
    • The loading time and image quality of the zoom viewer has been improved
    • Auto-scrolling has been removed to improve the experience of navigating between images in the document preview
    • Website configurations have been improved to allow for more frequent updates
  • Bug fixes:
    • Markdown issues with manual override events in reports
    • Filter options for "last updated by" and "created by" 

June 2023


  • Artwork search:
    • Grid view with bigger thumbnails was added as an alternate view for search results.
    • Subjects filter was improved to allow specifying, whether all or any given subjects need to match the results.
    • Exclude subjects filter was added
  • Artwork detail page: Artwork sets are now listed with links to each set instead of showing all included artworks for each set.
  • Provenance display: Several changes were made to improve the consistency of the wording. Missing renderings were added. See complete changelog
  • Publications search: Sort option for author column was added
  • Auction search: Sort options for auction house and city were added 


  • Artwork sets: List views show link icon to open artworks in a new tab.
  • Artwork search: Artset ID filter was added. Read what to use them for
  • Art events: Book icon added to indicate availability of scans.